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It’s Getting Real . . .

For the past 8 months or so, we’ve been quiet in making any sort of announcement of our baby arrival. It wasn’t that we were keeping it a secret; we figured everyone will eventually know in due time like little bread crumbs trails. Stan and I agreed that we didn’t need to make it a big deal in the social media world and it wasn’t necessary. Eventually, people will start noticing.

Thanks to the help and guidance from my sister, and wisdoms from friends, who recently became parents themselves. It has truly been a very blessed yet learning experience and journey. I certainly take pride in myself for not having mood swings. I have been very calm but lethargic in the beginning and towards the near ending of my pregnancy. Stan can vouch for that! I told him he was lucky that he didn’t have to deal with my mood swings. Because if i was ever in one, then I would have driven him crazy. Haha…

Our baby boy is coming soon, and oh man . . . we don’t feel ready, but we are excited to meet him! ^^

Valley Forge National Park  |  Photo Credit to Selene Y.  |  October 2017

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