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Dream Recognition

It didn’t feel real until I had an unexpected meeting with my baby boy in my dream. Throughout my pregnancy, I have only dreamt one other time that was baby-related. However, only a week or so ago, I dreamt of meeting and holding our son. It was rather strange and surreal. When I woke up, I felt excited and anxious, because it finally dawn on me that he’s coming soon. AND Shit just got real! lol

He was all swaddled in a cute blanket, and was a happy little bundle. When our eyes met, he was smiling with a little twinkle in his eyes. He was so cute, I couldn’t resist smiling back at him. I knew right then that he had my heart. Oh man, he might as well have me wrapped around his little fingers. Haha . . . Oh boyyyyyyyyy . . .

However, whatever challenges we face as new parents, we wil]l do our best in our ability to make the right decision for our child. As new parents, there’s a lot of learning curve involved, but I know we will do our best to raise him well and hope for the better. ^^


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