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A Happy New Year, 2018

There’s so much I wished I had journalized from the past several months since our trip to Japan. Life has been busy since then, and playing catch up has always been an ongoing challenge to get back on track with everything and everyone. However, I can’t complain. The last half of 2017 has been exciting and an ongoing learning experience. New challenges arrived, and I found myself constantly learning to adjust to those changes that were unexpected and unplanned. As they always say, life happens, and how we proceed from it is essential to what outcome we hope to achieve. ^^

Although it’s sad to say goodbye to 2017, I am exciting for what 2018 will bring us. This year will be a game changer, and there will be many challenges along the way, but I plan to keep moving forward within stride with a positive outlook. My goal is to be a better me from last year, to succeed further with my dreams, and to enjoy the precious moments that life has to offer. With that said, I hope everyone had a good start to the year so far, and with the right mindset, it will be even more awesome than the previous years encountered!



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