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A Date Day Out

During the weekend, I dragged Stanley to watch a show at the Meriam Theater. Initially, Angie and I were suppose to go together. However, she had to study for her boarding exam that was coming up in the next few days, so she had to decline. I took this opportunity to make it a date with the hubby. We haven’t been going out much because he has been so consumed with working on the house that there weren’t a lot of free time to spend together, outside of our comfortable home. We went to watch Cirque Eloize Saloon, which is a musical Broadway and comedy acrobatic show that takes place in the Wild West. The acrobatic performance was enjoyable and fun. There were several wow factors in some of their innovative stunts that push the physical limits of imagination. It was also remarkable how they synchronize the sound and lighting effects to create a slow-mo movement, which I thought was really neat and different. Our only ‘complaint’ was the lack of depth when it came to the storytelling, since there was potential for a good story. Overall, we enjoyed the show.

After the show ended, we decided to wandered around the America’s Garden Capital Maze at the Dilworth Plaza to take some photos! Yay! Stan’s photography skills was okay. He was not familiar with my DSLR, so I have to give him props for trying to figure it out. Hehe. However, I will have to find time to train him. ^_^ Come Springs, he volunteered to be my personal photographer since it’s not easy finding someone to take photos for you, especially when I want to share some awesome styles I’ve discover along the way. ^____^ After we finished our preliminary photo shoot, we went to fill our tummy with sushi at Bubblefish! O la la, the food was good! It was a good day spent with the hubby.

Photos Credit to Stanley C.

Soft Faux Fur Mustang Jacket @StyleOnMe
Artisan Mahogany Boots @Clarks
Stress Jeggings @WHBM
Beige Bag @Coach


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