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2016 Highlights

In the next couple days, 2016 will be officially over and a new year will begin. How many of you are looking forward to a brand new year? Or even sad that it’s almost over? I, for one, can’t wait for 2017 to arrive to start anew. 🙂

These past few days have been challenging; I found myself reflecting on how much change and progress were made in the course of time. I could probably ramble on about the obstacles that occurred, the inner demons that surfaced, or the pitfalls I had to overcome but it doesn’t seem appropriate to end this year with a less positive note. Instead of rambling on the negative effects that did occurred in 2016, here are several exciting highlights that were most memorable for me.

  1. Honeymoon at Bali – We had a wonderful travel experience in Bali and I enjoy the fact we were able to explore the culture and food, and met several nice folks on the way.
  2. The Lantern Fest – It was beautiful and memorable lighting up our lanterns to make a wish. It was truly unforgettable and it tugs my heart thinking about it. I can’t wait to go again.
  3. NYC Getaway – We spent a short weekend away from Philly to celebrate our Anniversary and to also catch a show at  Cirque Du Soleil’s. It was a much needed getaway just to spend time with each other and roam around without a plan in mind.
  4. Taking Japanese – This has been an long overdue goal. However, it feels oddly funny how everything fell into place when I decided to actively find a class that could help me jump start.
  5. Japan Trip Booked – Finally booked flight tickets for next year in May. I am so happy and excited! It has been a long long dream and wish to travel to Japan. Here’s praying for a wonderful trip this coming May. And no, I didn’t learn Japanese just for the trip. Learning the language has always been on my bucket list.
  6. Please Touch Museum – The greatest holiday gift was seeing Aimee and the family during the holiday. I had a lot of fun spending quality time with them, and being Gia’s playmate. At first she was shy, but I warmed up to her at the end of the night. My favorite little niece. ^^ So adorable, I could squeeze her. haha….
  7. Closer Ties – Friendships can go either way if you don’t put the time and heart in it. I have stepped back a lot in putting my heart and soul in friendships due to past experiences, but I have noticed how it changed my interaction with friends. With that said, I have also noticed I’ve started to form closer ties with a few friends who have reached out and for that I do appreciate it. Although, there is one specific friend who I would like to thank the most for helping me through my toughest time and being the voice of reasons. Not to mention, not taking any crap I throw. lol We often joke about it. I won’t be name dropping, so thank you, and I know you know who you are. Some friends prefer to stay anonymous and some friends don’t care. lol =P
  8. Tasting Events – Through IG, I made an IG friend, PhillyFoodGal, who invited me to a few tasting events. This was a great opportunity to expose myself to different people and start working on my food photography. Unfortunately, I have not found the time to be truly active. However, I look forward to participating more in 2017 if the opportunity arise.
  9. Visiting Cali – We went to California for our good friend’s wedding, but we were also looking forward to spending time with our good friends who took us along the coastline of Route 1. It was awesome and beautiful even though we were only there for a short period. I can’t wait to see them again. It says a lot when you have friends who would go out of their way to travel to the other side of the country to attend your wedding. Because they made that effort, I forever hold my warmest regards for them. Action speaks louder than words. =)
  10. Rooftops -It was enthralling and breathtaking to be up on the rooftop admiring from above. If I had my own personal rooftop, I would probably find myself sitting there and admiring the view every evening to watch the sun set. Thanks to Ling and Shiz, I was able to experience such excitements.
  11. The Nut Cracker – As a child, I fell in love with the Nut Cracker. I never saw it on Broadway until now. The childhood memories of the Russian play will forever be in my heart, but the experience I had seeing it live with my friends was wonderful.
  12. First Time Voting – I am an American of Asian descent, and never felt the need to vote until this year. I am proud of myself to finally make some impact as a citizen even though the result did not pan out what many of us hope.

I realized I could go on and on and on. I didn’t realized so much has happened until I start reliving some of the memories made through the year. I guess it’s true what they say, once you are in your 30s, time moves quicker and faster. I have always value the importance of time and experience, but this year has proven that time is of the essence and each day is as important as the next. With that mindset, I look forward to the challenges and new experiences in 2017. *Cheers* to hopefully a better new year!

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